The organic oil of Podere Sagna

The PODERE SAGNA estate covers 48.5 hectares. Included in this area are 10 hectares of olive groves and 1 hectare of orchards. The rest is made up of woods and grassland, which lay fallow for about 20 years before 1985.Since 1985 the entire estate has been given over to the organic production of olives, monitored by the national institution AIMA and the private organisation AIAB (associazone Italiana per L’Agricultura Biologica).

Olive production

Important factors for the production of top-quality olive oil are soil composition, the location of the olive grove, its height above sea-level (530 m) and the dry climate. But it is the type of olive which really determines the flavour of the oil. The following types of olives are grown in PODERE SAGNA


No chemicals whatever are used on the estate.

Olive harvest

From the beginning to the end of November the olives are picked by hand and their processing begins within 24 hours. The colour of the olives varies from green through purple to pale black.

Processing of the olives

Our oil press (Frantoio) is used solely for our own olives, so there can be no chemical, bacteriological or other form of contamination. The traditional method for the COLD PRESSING of oil from olive groves involves the use of a press with a maximum pressure of 300 bar. The press we use is made of stainless steel and this guarantees the maximum degree of cleanliness and an excellent quality of oil. Planting, harvesting, the pressing and the quality of the oil, as well as its flavour, are monitored by the Consorzio CHIANTI CLASSICO and written records of the findings are kept.

The characteristics of our olive oil

Colour: From green to yellow (depending on the light and on age)

Fragrance and taste

Fresh and vigorous, with the scent of newly cut grass, olives, artichokes and walnuts, slightly astringent (pizzico), with a lingering sweet aftertaste.

Fatty acid content

0.01 – 0.25% (depending on the weather at harvest time). The maximum permitted level for “Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva” in the Siena region is 0.8%, the level for the Consorzio Classico TERRE NERE is 0.5%.


The first quality is guaranteed within 18 months of collection


OLIO EXTRA VERGINE DI OLIVA from PODERE SAGNA is sold in ½- and ¼-litre bottles. The bottles are numbered. Only oil produced on our estate is used.


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